Musical Instruments – On-line Auction and Buy It Now

Mosaic of musical instruments

Mosaic of musical instruments

Following the recent Musical Instrument Auction at the Alresford Music Festival there are a number of unsold instruments our sellers have instructed us to sell on-line. We are selling them via a “timed on-line auction” with a “buy it now” option.  Mains electrical items have been recently PAT tested and certificates will be supplied.


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  • Starts now
  • Finishes on Sunday 26th June at 22:00
  • Commission is 17.5% on top of your bid, if you are the winning bidder.
  • Bids are made by posting a “Reply” to an instrument in the list below
  • You can place a Maximum Bid and your current bid.
  • The bid increment for the instrument will be shown.
  • Bidders names will not be displayed.
  • We will acknowledge your bid. If someone got there before you, we will tell you.
  • The current winning bid will be displayed.
  • The order of arrival of the posted bids will determine whose bid is accepted if they are equal.
  • This is not a fully automated process like eBay.
  • If winning bidders do not settle their accounts or collect items within a reasonable period the item will be offered to the under-bidder.

Buy It Now

  • Each lot has a Buy It Now price.
  • Reply to place an order at that price.
  • The Buy It Now Price will have 17.5% commission added to it (so you can compare to current bid).

Questions & Viewing

  • Please call Andrew Wilcox on 01962 738534 or 07813 211451 or email with any questions.
  • Private viewing in New Alresford, Hampshire, UK can also be arranged.

Postage & Packing

  • Ideally personal collection from New Alresford particularly for the cello?
  • Postage and Packaging can be estimated on request and will then be published below.


  • By cash, cheque, bank transfer, PayPal (3% extra) but not credit cards.

57 comments on “Musical Instruments – On-line Auction and Buy It Now

  1. Yamaha Bb Trumpet hardly used. In special gold-lacquer finish. With case but no mouthpiece.

    Yamaha said “The YTR-1335 offers high quality pro-style models for a student trumpet price. It features many of the qualities of the top-of-the-line of our models, like medium weight tubing, pro bore and bell size for increased tonal core and a comfortable, efficient response ”
    Start £30, Increment £5, Buy it now £75

    Click image to see full size image

  2. Roland U-20 RS-PCM Keyboard not working. Display, control panel keys and demo sounds work but not the keyboard. Sold as not working for repair only. No PAT certificate. It is in good mechanical order.

    Start £15, Increment £5, Buy it now £40

    Click image to see full size image

  3. 3/4 size Cello BH400 made by Boosey and Hawkes in Czechoslovakia. 44″ high. Bought 20 years ago but has had little use. String missing. New bridge – partly fitted. In very good condition. Some dints where the tailpiece has been loose and another little group near the lower left hand f-hole. Soft case included.

    Start £30, Increment £5, Buy it now £70

    Click image to see full size image

  4. Höfner 185 “Artist Bass” 1964 serial no. 2186. The serial number means it was imported by the Selmer Company of London. It has twin pickups with on/off switches. Tone and Volume controls for each pickup.

    This guitar has been restored and is in good working order. It has a new Höfner label on the head, the components look original except the body which looks a bit too good to be true. Perhaps it has been sitting a cupboard for 50 years waiting for you!

    Start £120, Increment £10, Buy it now £240

    Click image to see full size image

    • Has flat wound strings. There is some electrical noise which rises if you touch the pick ups. Replacing the thin ground wires to the pick ups and screening foil may help. One of the pickup plastic mounts is cracked and repaired. Some wood has been glued into the body cutout for the screws in the finger plate by the socket to screw into. Thin air wasn’t working very well. The wooden base for the pick up nearest the finger board has been shaved off to lower the pickup. String contact was making a horrible noise.

      Click image to see full size image

  5. Hohner 1 Row Pokerwork Melodeon in G.
    Single 10 button row with 2 bass and 2 chord buttons.
    Overhauled with new lock straps, thumb strap and a few leather flap valves. Bellows in excellent condition. Cleaned and ready to play.
    Start £50, Increment £10, Buy it now £120

    Click image to see full size image

  6. Strat electric guitar Squier by Fender Affinity Series 20th Anniversary edition LEFT HANDED. Made in China. Recently restrung with Roto Pinks super light. In good order bar the rust on the screws and the odd scratch and dint.
    Start £20, Increment £5, Buy it now £60

    Click image to see full size image

  7. Bandmaster Piano Accordion in marbled red. 26 keys – two octaves, 6 bass and 6 chord buttons. In original case. Leather straps and body in good order. Recently cleaned inside and keys adjusted. Plays well. Made in East Germany £80-120
    Start £50, Increment £5, Buy it now £125

    Click image to see full size image

  8. Clarinet – Bundy Resonite by The Selmer Company USA. In good order except for chipped connection to bell. Not visible when assembled and no noticeable affect on sound quality. Can be repaired with epoxy resin stained with black ink (Google on the web).
    Start £20, Increment £5, Buy it now £55

    Click image to see full size image

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