Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument Auction
at Alresford Music Festival – 10th June 2017

Deliver lots in the morning, viewing early afternoon, auctions late afternoon and early evening.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Do you, a relative or friend have a musical instrument or related equipment stashed away in a cupboard, attic, garage or shed? Depending on brand, age, material and of course the condition, they can be worth a few pounds up to hundreds of pounds.  People buy them to play, to restore, to cannabilise for another project. You may have an instrument you no longer need after upgrading to the latest and greatest. Please come along and sell it at our auction.


  • NOW:
    Sellers: Please upload an image and description of the lots you intend to bring in one of the five categories. The links below will take you directly to the form for doing this:

    Listing your musical instruments on the web site will greatly improve your chance of getting a higher price for the item. Sellers who bring them unannounced on the day will still have 3,000 potential viewers from the festival. Sellers who are NOT attending the auction/festival must make prior arrangements with us.

    All mains electrical items have to be Portable Appliance Tested before we can sell them as required by Hampshire County Council – Selling Second Hand Electrical Goods.

    In Alresford – Barnes & Liddiard will do this for £3.50, if you book and take the electrical equipment to their workshop. Other electricians offer this service.

    Buyers: You can leave absentee bids for any item. Read the Guideline for Absentee or Commission Bids then click the link beside each item.

  • 8th JunePlease download the Musical Instrument Catalogue as a PDF. This may be amended on the day.
  • 10th June – AUCTION
    • The festival ticket gives you free admission to the auction 🙂
    • 10:00 – 12:00 : Sellers bring their lots to the marquee and enter them on to our lotting sheets
    • 12:00 – 13:00 : We organise and lot up the items
    • 13:00 – 19:00 : Viewing
    • 19:00 – 20:00 : Auction by category
    • 19:00 – 22:00 :
      • Buyers – Please pay for your lots and collect shortly after they have been auctioned.
      • Sellers – Please collect your cash and collect unsold lots after they have been auctioned.
    • From 22:00 : The marquee may be left unattended


Our normal auction terms and conditions will apply. In summary and with deviations from our normal regulations in bold, they are:

  • £2 fee per lot entered (May include multiple items)
  • 12.5% buyers and sellers commission
  • Sellers are paid at the end of the sale in cash providing the buyer has paid.
  • No reserves less than £10
  • Photos and descriptions of items for sale can be added to the category pages by sellers. These are subject to approval.
  • We can catalogue and photograph your items for a 17.5% commission within a reasonable travelling distance.

What sort of items would we like to see at the auction?  Guitars: Fenders, Gibson, et al; wind instruments: Flutes, Saxophones, Brass, Clarinets, other woodwind made by Selmer, Yamaha, et al; Portable keyboards and synthesisers: Moog,

BUT because of space and delivery issues NOT: Pianos, Hammond Organs, Carl Palmers drum kit (Ringo’s might be okay) and other large items. Basically you have to be able to carry it or trolley it from the car park. We might consider selling large items by photograph and description. Please discuss with us.

Some of the lots already for sale can be seen in the photographs opposite.  We don’t know how many lots there will be. 150 would be good. We handle 450 lots in a day at our monthly general auctions.

Why sell at our auction?

  • Sold as seen. It’s the buyer responsibility to inspect before bidding. The buyer cannot return the item.
  • Low commission. 12.5% versus 20% plus at many commercial auctions.
  • This page and the photos of lots page will be up for a few months before the auction. We expect to be in the top three of search results for “musical instrument auction“.
  • We will list the auction on other relevant web sites

We have been running our monthly general auctions at Itchen Abbas Village Hall and Badger Farm Community Centre from 2001. We are used to going into an empty room at 8:30am, receiving 400-500 lots and running an auction at 2pm and leaving a clear room at 6pm with the 98% of the sellers having paid and the buyers paid out. This will just be in a marquee at a music festival for a change!


Höfner 185 “Artist Bass” 1964 - Restored and ready to play
Höfner 185 “Artist Bass” 1964 – Restored and ready to play
Hohner 10 Button Melodeon in G
Hohner 10 Button Melodeon in G
Yamaha 211 Flute
Yamaha 211 Flute
Reso-Tone Clarinet hardly used
Reso-Tone Clarinet hardly used
Bandmaster Piano Accordion
Bandmaster Piano Accordion
Aloha Royal Soprano Ukulele
Aloha Royal Soprano Ukulele
Carlsboro Guitar Amplifier GLX-40
Carlsboro Guitar Amplifier GLX-40
Liuqin – a Chinese four string mandolin in its case
Liuqin – a Chinese four string mandolin in its case