Guidelines for absentee or commission bids


We are a temporary auction which hires a hall for the day and all the transactions take place on the day. The lots arrive in the morning and leave with the successful buyer or the unsuccessful seller in the afternoon. All the finances are dealt with on the day at our cash desk.

Absentee bids are an extra service which we can provide subject to the following additional terms:

  1. We charge £1 for each absentee bid. We will charge for this prior to the auction via PayPal if you are not going to be present on the day. If this is not paid we will remind you once. There after if it is not paid we will not contact you and your absentee bid will not be accepted.
  2. We charge 17.5% commission if you do not collect your lot and settle your bill by 17:30 on the day of the auction. Otherwise it is 12.5% as normal.
  3. Shipping can be arranged but you must contact us first. We will give an estimate. Our price will include storage, packaging materials (even if recycled), packing time and postage or shipping.
  4. You can arrange your own shipping but you must discuss this with us first.
  5. We are not responsible for any customs or duty charges. We will describe the item as sold on any papers.
  6. We do not charge VAT but it may be included in the price.
  7. Bill to be paid prior to shipping.
  8. Bill to be settled by direct transfer to our bank account in Pounds Sterling
  9. Bill can be settled by PayPal or credit card via PayPal but there will be a 3% charge on the total bill for this

What we need to know

Below each item listed on the web site there is an “Ask a question or leave an absentee bid” button. Please click this and provide the following information.

  1. Describe the item your are bidding on and a lot number if available at the time.
  2. Your maximum bid excluding commission
  3. Collection in the day or shipping to where
  4. Your name
  5. An email address
  6. Your address

What you need to know

How does the auctioneer manage absentee bids?

  1. We do not generally start bidding at the highest absentee bid, if it exists. We may buy on your behalf for significantly less than your maximum bid.
  2. If we receive two or more commission bids with the same bid amount. The first one received will be the winner.
  3. We may not sell an item that has no reserve even if there is a commission bid if we believe this significantly undervalues the item and the seller should wait for the next auction or sell elsewhere. We are acting on behalf of the sellers not the buyers.
  4. Auctioneers discretion is used for all lots.

Please read the Buying page for other related information.