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Auctions In a Day is exactly that:
  • Sellers deliver their lots in the morning
  • We lot and photograph them
  • Viewing at lunchtime
  • Auction starts at 2pm
It’s all done in a day.

We provide:

  • a cost-effective auction for both buyers and sellers
  • a simple process
  • advice on what will sell or not and estimates
  • free hot drinks for sellers in the morning
  • auctions in accessible community centres with free parking
  • and sell wonderful home-made cakes at great prices
Alresford Community Centre
Our first auctions were at the Alresford Community Centre

We hope you will enjoy the day and we will all have some fun. We ran our first auction in the autumn of 2003 on a Friday evening at Alresford Community Centre. Many buyers and sellers are still attending from that auction. They travel to the auction from all over Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Surrey and Sussex.  This could have something to do with the tasty home-made cakes. Lots have sold from £5 to several hundred pounds.

Full auction at Itchen Abbas
Full auction at Itchen Abbas

Our sales will include but are not limited to: ceramics, coins, collectables, furniture, metal-ware, militaria, musical instruments, stamps, toys, paintings, vintage goods. See the auction reports for previous lots. We don’t collect or deliver lots, sell: cars, houses, modern electrical items or provide insurance valuations.



2022 Auctions

Saturday 30 July, Badger Farm Community Centre, Badger Farm Road, Winchester, SO22 4QB

Saturday 11 June, Otterbourne Village Hall, Cranbourne Drive, Otterbourne, Winchester, SO21 2ES

Latest News

Auction Report – Badger Farm 30 July 2022

Thanks to everyone who made it to the auction on Saturday. We had a great turnout and a lot more items than we were expecting. It was only our second auction with the new team so there’s still some learning to do but we’re getting there.

We’re working on putting together an auction calendar to start in the autumn. We’ll let you know as soon as we have the next auction booked. By the way we are finding it hard to find venues at the moment so if you know of anywhere suitable please get in touch.

Some of the items which sold well on Saturday are listed below;

Box of Navigation charts
Box of Navigation charts
Gold Victorian broach and ring
Gold Victorian broach and ring
Wash stand with jug and bowl
Wash stand with jug and bowl
Printing Rack Stephenson Blake & Co
Printing Rack Stephenson Blake & Co

Summary of the auction’s Terms and Conditions

Full details on Buyers and Sellers pages


Deliver and list your lots in the morning. It’s best to book a table (See tel. nos. and email at top of page) £1 per lot and 12.5% commission. Collect unsold lots at the end of the auction approx. 5:30pm


1pm to 2pm, entry to the auction is £1 per visitor includes bid card.


Commences 2pm prompt The minimum bid is £5


Pay 12.5% commission and £1 to leave an absentee bid(s). The auction rooms are normally vacated and locked by 6pm. No VAT payable. If you want to book a space, are unable to enter lots at the above times or for any other information you require, please email hamish@auctionsinaday.co.uk. We do not publish a catalogue but some lots promoted with descriptions and images in a post starting a week or two before the auction.

Otterbourne Auction – 1 June 2019
Lot 167 - Edinburgh Crystal, Yyott Finlandia, misc ceramics and glass - Sold for £60
Lot 167 – Edinburgh Crystal, Yyott Finlandia, misc ceramics and glass
Sold for £60
Viewing 7th September at Otterbourne
Viewing 7th September at Otterbourne