Auction Report – 4th February 2023 – Weeke Community Centre

Thanks to everyone who made it to our auction on Saturday. We had a great turnout, some lovely items and delicious cakes. It was great to see some new faces as well as a lot of old friends.

Our next auction will be on Saturday 4th March and we’re returning to Itchen Abbas Village Hall after a long absence.  If you want to book some space for selling get in touch at [email protected].

Some of the items which sold well last Saturday are shown below as well as a few that got away.


Model railway set
Model railway set sold for £42


More model railway sets
more model railway sets sold for £42


Collections of medals & silver eagle dish
Collections of medals & silver eagle dish sold for £30


Selection of vintage photographs
Selection of vintage photographs sold for £28


Painted bronze birds
Painted bronze birds sold for £15


Collection of vintage Skittles
Collection of vintage Skittles sold for £25


…and the ones that got away

John Lewis black chairs and stools
John Lewis black chairs and stools could have been yours for £5


US WW2 military compass
US WW2 military compass yours for £10


Chaise Lounge
Chaise Longue reserve of £5


Hope to see you at the next one on 4th March.