• Buyers pay a commission of 12.5% of hammer price.
  • Viewers and/or Bidders pay 50p to visit the viewing session and /or to get a bid card (no charge to sellers).
  • Minimum bid is £5.


  • Buyer buys three lots with a hammer price of £5, £5 and £45 = £55.
  • The Buyer pays £55 + £5.50 = £61.88.
  • You can pay about 20 minutes after the last lot you bid on. There is a time delay for the sheet to get from the auctioneer to the cash desk and for them to calculate your bill. This takes longer at the end of the auction when a queue forms.
  • Please pay your bill early, if you can.  Cash or Cheques only. Credit and Debit Cards are not accepted.


  • A £1 fee is charged (to cover phone calls and time taken to contact you) for commission bids which must be for a minimum total of £10.
  • Lots must be collected before the auction room closes – not later than 17:00 on the day of the sale.


  • Starts at 12:30 and finishes at 14:00.
  • If photographing the lots and sticking lot numbers on is still in progress please keep clear of our staff while they do this.


  • All lots have to be collected at the close of the auction or before.
  • The Auction does not provide any storage facilities at its auction sites.
  • Goods not collected will be disposed of by the Auction.


  • These are assigned by our staff during the morning, so that all items have a lot number by the viewing start time of 12:30.


  • No catalogue is published.

6 thoughts on “Buying

    • Thank you Rosemarie, It’s a challenge which for reasons we don’t quite understand, we return to most months! Looking forward to Saturday where it seems there will be lots of lots to sell.

    • Hi Andy

      Items can be taken away during the auction providing you have verified you are the successful buyer (occasionally think they have but they have not e.g. reserve not met), have paid for them and it does not disrupt the auction. You will normally have to wait about 15 mins from the hammer going down to the lot being processed at the desk.


  1. Hi Phil

    Thank you for the feedback. Here are some of the challenges we face running an auction in a day.

    • We arrive 08:30 to an empty hall. Place 15+ tables around the room and nine at the front. Most sellers have pre-booked and we allocate tables to them in them in order (regulars and in order of booking).
    • Between 09:30 -10.30 sellers arrive. Some arrive later.
    • The sellers lay their lots out on the allocated tables, in the furniture area and in the valuables cabinets with some assistance from us.
    • The sellers determine the order of the lots by filling in their sheets.
      • Despite requests many find it impossible to lay them out on the tables in the order. This is a challenge for us sticking the lot numbers on the items and photographing them. We do not have time to rearrange tables
      • Some lots will be in the furniture area and the valuables in cabinets. We ask sellers to block these together. This means lot numbers will always be dispersed around the room.
    • Occasionally we have to rewrite sheets, re-group lots or make it legible for the Auctioneer.
    • We then photograph 350-400 lots (we believe we are the only day auction who photograph all lots)
    • By 12:30 we are ready for people to view the auction, 3 hours after the first lots arrive.

    I stress we are a Day Auction, if we hired the premises for longer, we could arrange the items sequentially. However our costs would rise, our commission rates would be higher to cover this and one of the benefits of our type of auction would be lost.

    So whilst we remain Auctions in a Day, we will do our best to arrange things in numerical order within the constraints given above. We accept that it won’t be achieved. We hope you can to?

  2. I just wish that in future all your lots were arranged in numerical order in the room……would make things so much easier.

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