Cycle Parts – Offered for Sale 7th June 2014

On Saturday 7th June 2014 we held our first specialist cycling section.  Here are the cycle parts that were offered for sale. There were some late entries on the day of the sale and they are not included.

Please download the text only Auction Catalogue as a PDF.

Please call Andrew Wilcox on 01962 738534 or 07813 211451 or email with any other questions.

  • Please click the images to see a higher resolution version.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.

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  1. Large collection of spokes and nipples. Mostly new.

    All quantities are estimates.

    – 90 x New Alpina Stainless Steel 295mm
    – 45 x New Sapim double butted 293mm
    – 80 x New Sapim double butted 14g 295mm
    – 18 x New Sapim 294mm x 14, 290mm x 4
    – 20 x DT Swiss 300mm
    – 100 x DT Swiss various lengths
    – 100 x spokes DT Swiss and another 294mm
    – 100 x spokes various lengths
    – 45 x Wheelsmith double butted 292mm
    – 50 x Berg Stainless Steel Double Butted 298mm
    – 100 x DT spokes various lengths
    – Large quantity of nipples for DT Swiss, Sapim plus 50 used Mavic Hex Top CXP30 (as labelled on jar)

    Click image to see full size image

  2. Campagnolo bottom brackets (one unmarked) all bearings smooth

    – Complete with cups and bolts 1.370 x 24TPI length 116mm
    – Chorus 1.370 x 24 TPI length 102mm
    – unmarked without cups length 111.5mm
    – Veloce cups 1.370″ x 24 TPI first three threads of left cup flattened

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  3. A pair of Olympic XXI pedals with straps and toe clips. Smooth bearings. Missing an end cap.

    A pair of Milremo pedals marked 504. Need a clean but bearings and threads are good.

    Collection of pedals straps: Super Sport, Avenir, Zefal Cristophe Plus black leather ,Lapize and two other white leather straps, and unmarked ones.

    Click image to see full size image

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