Expected lots for our 7th June Cycle Auction

All lots have been moved to the Related Pages listed below or they can be accessed via the Cycles menu above.

On Saturday 7th June we are holding our first specialist section along with our standard general auction at Itchen Abbas Village. The theme is cycling and you can find more details on our Specialist Cycle Auction page.  It is a requirement for submitting lots to this specialist section of auction.  We are promoting it well in advance to give buyers and sellers the best opportunity to see and sell the cycles or related items.

We are limiting the number of lots to 100 and will give preference to higher value items.  Lots have to be delivered on the morning of the auction unless you have reached a prior arrangement with us.

Please email [email protected] to discuss if your lot(s) will be accepted or for any other questions.

Visitors to this page please note:

  • Please click the images to see a higher resolution version.
  • The auctioneers may not have seen the lots. However for lots listed upto 11 April they have all been seen by the auctioneer.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.
  • There is no guarantee they will be for sale until they are delivered on the morning of the auction.
  • This is not a catalogue at the moment.
  • We will also be selling between 350 and 450 lots in our general auction which all arrive on the day.

Please upload a focussed good quality image (Tip: Do not take photos with a bright or complex background), no greater than 1600 x 1200px or less than 300 x 225px and/or a short description using the comments section at the bottom of this page.

  • Insert your name, email, web site (a link to some general information about the item which does not identify the seller) and a good description of your item in the comment field. The more information you provide the more likely people searching on the WWW are to find it. e.g. ‘vintage bike’ versus ‘Road bike made by Holdsworth in the 1960s.  Fitted Campagnolo chain set and GB brakes. Frame size 27″ ‘
  • Then click “Browse” and navigate to the folder which has your picture in on your PC, double click the file name or select and click “open” in Windows File Explorer or equivalent. Check the file name has been entered in the field on the left hand side of the “Browse” button.
  • You can tick either or both of the “Notify me” boxes if you wish
  • Click “Submit Comment”.
  • Your photo and description has to be approved before it is displayed on this page. Your name and email address will not be visible.

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