Cycle Accessories – Offered for Sale 7th June 2014

On Saturday 7th June 2014 we held our first specialist cycling section.  Here are the cycle accessories that were offered for sale. There were some late entries on the day of the sale and they are not included.

Please download the text only Auction Catalogue as a PDF.

Please email [email protected] with any other questions.

  • Please click the images to see a higher resolution version.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.

14 thoughts on “Cycle Accessories – Offered for Sale 7th June 2014”

  1. Freeman Touring black nylon panniers – horse saddle bag style. Buckle clips with zipped side pockets and pannier tops.

    Size each pannier:
    26 x 23 x 11cm

  2. Brooks B66 saddle Oval name badge on the saddle sides. In good mechanical order. Leather giving away slightly at the nose rivets. Worn with a build up of muck on the chrome which has been partially removed. A few threads left on the tensioning screw.

  3. Collection of bits and pieces including mounting brackets for cycle carriers, seat clamp,nuts, bolts, washers, cassette packaging, etc.

  4. Collection of cycle computers including CatEye Vectra and Cordless 2, Sigma Sport (working display) and various mounting brackets, magnets etc.

  5. Box of rear lights, three working, others maybe.

    A front dynamo light with a rear wheel dynamo.

    A collection of lamp brackets

  6. A pair of Axcel saddle bags. Black simulated leather covering with a quick release mechanism for fitting directly to the saddle bars and seat stem. In good condition.

  7. Pair of Countryman rear panniers made by Freeman. Nylon fabric with metal rack clips. Missing one of the elastic bottom clips. Like Karrimor panniers. In good condition.

  8. Vintage Lucas Cycle Oil Lamp
    Clear lens, red and green windows in good condition. Wick in burner. Rusty surface and significant corrosion around lens mount.

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