Nearly full for our auction on Saturday

Rodin's The Kiss
Rodin’s “The Kiss”
Miniature bronze copy on a marble base.

Twenty one and half out a possible twenty five tables are booked! To ensure you get a spot for your lots at the auction please email [email protected]. There will be late entrants and those that turn up on the day. Don’t miss your chance.

Last month’s penultimate lot sold for £300. A group of vintage spectacles,  lunettes, lorgnettes, pince nez and opera glasses.

Remember it’s only £1 per lot and 10% commission at our sale (increased to 12.5% in January 2016). Please visit the Selling page for the full terms and condition.

Sellers can promote their lots by posting descriptions and optional images on this page: Please post your lots for Sat 7th November.  As per the bronze shown opposite.

Buyers please take a peek at the page but remember there are 400 odd lots which don’t get posted.