Auctions in a Day – Completes its first century of auctions

In case you missed it, here is the article in The Alresford and Itchen Valley Forum in their November edition about Auctions in a Day.

Auctions in a Day - 100 Auctions and more, The Auctions in a Day team - Bob, Claire, Fiona, Jon and Andrew
The Auctions in a Day team
Bob, Claire, Fiona, Jon and Andrew

The popular ‘Auctions in a Day’ continues to throw up surprises as it enters its 12th year.  Claire Whale and Bob Leggett with their other halves Fiona and Jon, started the auctions in September 2003 at Alresford Community Centre. Andrew Wilcox noticed the long queue on the street and offered to help. Since when he has become a big part of the team, and runs the website too.

“In twelve years we have seen some wacky and wonderful lots going through our auction including an authenticated lock of Elvis Presley’s hair and a complete dentists’ drill set from the late 19th century! Our buyers are discerning and know quality when they see it. Highlights have included: a WW 2 paratrooper’s beret which went under the hammer for £420, 18th century gold bracelet for £550, a bronze bust for £140 and a French paperweight for £600.“

This auction takes place on the first Saturday of the month at Itchen Abbas Village Hall or Badger Farm Community Centre. It has filled the gap between the cheap and cheerful car boots sales and the more expensive established auction houses. Every sale is different, which is part of the attraction for the bargain hunter. Typical sale lots include Jewellery, Old Toys and Trains, Paintings, Militaria and Collectables, old and new, as well as small items of furniture. Sellers often book whole tables, sometimes more, and display 10-30 items on them. Sellers and buyers commissions are 10% (increased to 12.5% in January 2016) .

Items for sale are accepted in the morning from 9.30 to 10.30am, viewing is from 12.30pm and the Auction commences at 2pm.  What makes this unique for everyone, is that all transactions are completed on the day and all lots removed by the end of the auction. 350-450 lots are the norm and the auction lasts around 3 hrs. The hall is clear by 6pm.

Add in the café with its mouth-watering selection of homemade cakes, and you can see why so many people make it a date in their diaries.  Sellers should book their lots by phone during the weeks before the auction by contacting Bob and Fiona on Lots can also be promoted on our web site.