Cycle Tools – Offered for Sale 3rd June 2017

On Saturday 3rd June 2017 we held our sixth specialist cycling section auction.  Here are the tools and books that were offered for sale.You can download the 3rd June 2017 Cycle Auction Catalogue as a PDF.

Please email [email protected] with any other questions.

  • Please click the images to see a higher resolution version.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.

Please visit the Cycles page for information on our next cycle auction.


5 thoughts on “Cycle Tools – Offered for Sale 3rd June 2017”

  1. Tools: chain breaker, crank remover, dumbell spanners, cable cutters, tyre levers, pressure guage, cables, spoke spanner, hole punch, speed sensors, brake clamp plus sensors, chain cleaner

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