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You have probably heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by now. We need to conform with this legislation by the 25th May 2018. Here is the layman’s overview of what we do at Auctions in a Day.

We record a few things on paper at the auctions and electronically via our web site and Facebook page. They are only used for the auction’s business they are not sold on or shared.

At the auction we record for sellers: your names, telephone numbers, email and addresses on the lotting sheets. For buyers: your name, bidder number and telephone number are recorded in the book. We record who buys the lots with our buyer cards. We keep these indefinitely.

For subscribers to our web site posts, your email address is saved by Jet Pack for and the data managed by them. You can unsubscribe at any time with the links on the emails you receive. We cannot do this for you. We can download the list of email addresses but we only do this to estimate the percentage of real emails!

If you comment on our website pages and posts you are asked for your name and email address. You can also leave a web site link. Some comments are answered via email and then deleted. They never appear on the web site. Others are replied to via the website and your name but not your email will be revealed. We will also know the IP address you sent it from. 95% of our comments are spam and automatically segregated! The rest are only made visible after we approve them. We keep them indefinitely.

If you use our web site you will have at sometime been asked to accept or not cookies being recorded about your activity on the web site. In general this is anonymous information based on the IP address you used to browse the web site. One use of a cookie is to stop you getting repeating pop ups for the next auction.

Now the slightly more complex stuff. We use Google Analytics, Clicky and Facebook Pixel to gather more detailed information about visitors to our web site. For instance we know that:

  • 88% of you are from the UK (or rather your Internet Service Provider is)
  • 27% of our visitors bounce i.e. open a page and are scared off very quickly (a much lower percentage than most web sites)
  • 12% of visitors are from Facebook and
  • About half of our visitor find us via a search, of which 70% were from Google.

The Facebook Pixel and Google cookies will provide more information to them, if you visit our website whilst logged in to their sites. The Facebook Pixel is useful to us because we can focus our Facebook advertising on the type of people who visit our site. All the processing and data storage is done by Facebook. You may be able to opt out of this with your Facebook settings. Google would do similar things with adverts on our web site but we don’t do that.

You may now read our even more mind numbing Privacy Statement

If you ever want to read our Privacy Statement again, the link is on the bottom left hand side of each web page.

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    • Sorry Paul I can’t do that. You have to unsubscribe your old address and then subscribe using the new address. This takes you through the process which confirms your subscription If I could just swap people’s email addresses then I could also subscribe any one I fancy. It’s all about you taking a positive and confirmed step to being subscribed.

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