The hammer has come down for Auctions in a Day

After 17 years of fun auctions, it is with great sadness that we have taken the decision to close Auctions in a Day.

This decision was not easy because we love seeing you all and the wide variety of items which come up for sale each month.

Unfortunately, the pandemic continues. We were all hoping that there would be a solution but it is too far away for us to be sure that we can reopen safely in the foreseeable future.

We’ll miss you all, and thank you!

Andrew, Tricia, Bob, Fiona, Claire and Jon

August 2020

Alresford Community Centre
Our first auctions were at the Alresford Community Centre

If you are interested in taking on the Auctions in a Day brand, website, Facebook and other social media accounts. We have several hundred likes and subscribers 90-95% of whom are in Hampshire. Please contact Andrew at

5 thoughts on “The hammer has come down for Auctions in a Day”

  1. Sorry to hear of your decision
    I have really enjoyed visiting your sales over the last few years. They will be sadly missed. Hope all works out for the best

  2. Hi, that’s quite sad news, I know many people who were looking forward to the resumption of the auctions… I must say though that I always thought that the venues were to small to hold the amount of people that used to turn up. I would have thought that if you could have found a building or a barn that had more space you could run with the necessary social distancing? Saying that, I have noticed that social distancing seems to be rapidly evaporating and things seem just about back to normal at many public gathering places. Perhaps you could reconsider if you can find a large enough venue… even if you hold it in the same place every time; I can’t believe that there is not a large rural barn or meeting place with chairs and parking that could manage better social distancing then had been achieved in the past! You just need more space 🙂
    Anyhow, if it really is a no go… all the best to all those involved for the future… but lets not give in to this pandemic, eh!

    Regards, Dave Hawnt

  3. I have only been at your auctions for the last four years, and have enjoyed every one of the days that you have had, I hope you revue the situation if this virus is eradicated. Thank you for all the days you have had over all the years.
    Graham from Southampton.

  4. So, so sorry to see you are closing, although totally understandable in these conditions. Well done to you all for the time you were here and all the effort and hard work you put in. Your auditions were a ‘breath of fresh air’ in the auction world and were great fun to attend. Hope all goes well for you and your team in the future. Well done and a sad farewell. Peter

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