The Hammer Has Risen

Mappin & Webb Silver Tea Service plus more silver and Pocket Watches plus others
Sold at an auction some time ago: Mappin & Webb Silver Tea Service plus more silver and Pocket Watches plus others

You know that sometimes during an auction, the auctioneer brings down the gavel to mark the sale of the lot. Then notices out of the corner their eye, as the hammer falls, a last second bid. They auctioneer resumes the auction and ignores the hammer.

We are pleased to say this has happened to Auctions in a Day. The hammer has not come down for the final time. When circumstances permit the auctions will resume under new management. They will still be operating in the same locale. The web site and Facebook page may remain quiet for some time as they are transferred. Please watch out for future announcements.

Going, going, not gone for too long.

4 thoughts on “The Hammer Has Risen”

  1. Great news. Other local auction houses seem to be operating albeit with masked attendance!! They are also operating “on-line” although this means higher commission fees!! However, realise that for “Auction in a Day” set-up this will mean a lot of extra work and probably reduced attendance to respect Social Distancing. Just keep us posted as to when you hope to raise the gavel again and I’ll be there …!!

  2. Hi, thanks for the update… and that’s good news. Where there is a will there is a way, eh! It would be interesting to know who the ‘new managment’ will be? Hopefully some of the original crew will be helping to run future events and the format will be run along similar lines; over the years I have purchased many interesting pieces from the One Day Auctions and always had an enjoyable day out. 🙂

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