Auctions in a Day will return, but not yet

Hello Everyone,
Like a lot of you I was very sad to hear the news that Auctions in a Day was closing down. I didn’t get to go to many of the auctions but I really enjoyed the ones I did get to. So I decided to try and do something about it. I got in touch with the team and agreed to take over the website and brand in the hope that we can keep it going.

Obviously in the current climate this isn’t going to be possible for quite a while. So we’re going to pause and take stock. During this time we’ll be updating the website and social media accounts and putting out the occasional post when there’s something of interest to say. Then, when we start to get back to normal again (whatever that is) Auctions in a Day will be ready to resume. Realistically this is unlikely to be until next year, probably not until April 2021, maybe even longer. We’ll let you know.

In the meantime I’d like to thank all the previous organizers for all their hard work and great efforts with Auctions in a Day. That’s Andrew, Claire, Jon, Bob, Fiona and Tricia. Hopefully they’ll come back and say hello when we get going again.



Badger Farm auction 1 Feb 2020
Badger Farm Auction 1st February 2020

5 thoughts on “Auctions in a Day will return, but not yet”

  1. Thanks for the update Hamish…
    Perhaps some more inf. on the organisation that has resued the One Day Auctions and perhaps what you have in mind with regard to format and possible venues (or venue). Possibly a larger venue like a large indoor barn with plenty of social distancing would fit the bill?
    Anyhow, will look forward to further information… good luck with the venture.

    Dave H

  2. Hamish this is amazing news and I look forward to when you start back again , well done for taking it on ,we look forward to you continuing auction in a day for many many more years with amazing success.

  3. Many thanks for your effort. It will be great if and when we can return.
    Have spent many a happy hour at the sales
    Wish you all the best for the future

  4. oh it will be great that this can be continued in some way. I think my husband and I would like to visit and maybe bring some goodies too.

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