When is Auctions In a Day resuming?

Well, it’s been a bit quiet here at Auctions In A Day.  I do hope you’ve all been staying safe.
It’s over a year now since I took over Auctions In a Day and we still haven’t held our first auction! I’ve had quite a few people asking when we are going to start up again but unfortunately we’re going to leave it a bit longer, until the new year at least.
I always knew that holding the auctions during the pandemic would be a non-starter. A load of people in an enclosed space, sitting close to each other and picking up the same objects was never going to work. I’ve had a look at other formats but they either need large investments or risk losing  the things that we all like about Auctions In a Day.
Also, our preferred location, at Badgers Farm, is currently being used as a vaccination centre until the end of the year. So, reluctantly, I’ve decided to leave things as they are and review the situation again in the new year.
We’ll be back in touch again as soon as there is more news. Meanwhile here’s a picture from December 2019, of one of the last auctions before the pandemic shutdown.
Itchen Abbas Auction 7th December 2019
Itchen Abbas Auction 7th December 2019