Cycles and Frames – Offered for Sale 6th September 2014

On Saturday 6th September 2014 we held our second specialist cycling section.  Here are the bikes and frames that were offered for sale. There were some late entries on the day of the sale and they are not included.

You can download the 6 September Auction Catalogue as a PDF.

Please call Andrew Wilcox on 01962 738534 or 07813 211451 or email with any other questions.

  • Please click the images to see a higher resolution version.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.

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46 comments on “Cycles and Frames – Offered for Sale 6th September 2014

  1. Fuji Odessa steel frame bike. Mountain or Hybrid bike. 49cm centre to centre seat tube. Overhauled: Greased and set wheel bearings, new V brakes and blocks, new gear cables, steering bearing cleaned and greased, new grips, 21 gears, bottom bracket and pedals in good order. With new seat post and a used saddle. Mounting points for 2 x bottle cages, front and rear mudguards and rear rack.

  2. Dawes Galaxy early 90s 531 Super Tourer 20.5″ frame racing green
    Shimano components including bar end SIS shifters going to Deore XT derailleurs 21 speed
    Shimano RX100 hubs with Mavic MA2 rims and stainless spokes
    Shimano Deore LX cantilever brakes with Shimano AX 600 aero brake levers and Dawes alloy handlebar.
    It has a new headset, wheel bearings, brake pads and bar tape.
    Complete with rear alloy rack. Not shown in photo.
    Needs a new pair of tyres.

  3. Peugeot Premier Carbolite Road Bike 22″ frame
    317 – 700c Alesa Alloy Eirto alloy wheels
    Shimano Exage hubs bearings striped, cones and ball bearings replaced and greased
    New Continental Ultra Sport 25c tyres
    Sachs Huret Derailleurs Eco S on rear
    Bleumels Classique mudguards
    Weimann type 500 brakes and levers fitted with new pads
    Some cables and covers have replaced with new
    Sakae Custom SR Road Champion alloy handlebars
    Padded saddle on a steel seat post

    Bottom Bracket stripped – spindle and ball bearings replaced, greased.

  4. Saracen Rufftrax 21 gear steel retro mountain bike 49cm frame.
    Frame: Tange Chromoly Butted MTB Custom Tube
    21 gears Shimano SIS shifters and derailleurs.
    Saracen handlebars and stem, Kalin seat post
    Wheels: 26 ” aluminium rims both hubs rebuilt and with new ball bearings and cones (where needed)
    Bottom bracket stripped: new spindle and ball bearings, greased, smooth running.
    Saracen Camel tyres 26″ x 2.1″ should be replaced if you are going to do some serious mountain biking.
    Its all set up and ready to ride.

  5. Dawes road bike early Galaxy perhaps, serial no. 112528 531ST frame and 531 forks, size 22.5″ or 52cm ctc seat tube. Unusual Suntour Power Thumb Shifters gear shifters with Suntour ARX derailleurs rear 5 speed derailleur and front double. Weimann brakes and calipers. Stronglight cranks and probably bottom bracket. Lyotard lightweight pedals. Maillard alloy hubs with Weimann alloy rims 27″ x 1 1/4″. Dawes handmade handlebars on ITM alloy stem. Iscaselle soft saddle.

      • The frame size is 17″ centre of bottom bracket to top of seat tube or 56cm 22″ using the traditional measurement of centre of bottom bracket to horizontal intersection of the top tube centre on the steering tube. According to this size table its about your size. And Evans say 17-18″ hybrid is 5′ 5″ to 5′ 9″.

        My research suggests the bike is from 2005.

        It means you can’t adjust the damper setting in the forks. The current setting seems fine.

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