Next Auction at Badger Farm 6 April 2013

If you are planning to sell, have you booked a table? Phone one of the numbers above or send an email.

Bob will be away for this one. So we will be slightly more stretched than usual.

There were still many lots which did not sell at the last auction. We will be stricter about what we allow to be included in the sale. They waste time which we would like to spend on other items.

Think about reserves for moment. Whenever I see reserves of £10 or less I think as an auctioneer. Why? The seller has to pay 50p to list the item and pay 10% commission. If an item sells for £10, they will receive £8.50. Let’s say it doesn’t sell but would of sold for £5. Then the seller would be paid £4. A difference of £4.50. Which would you rather do, go home with £4 or pack up your item and take it somewhere else to sell and pay another fee. Is it really worth it?

We may not allow reserves for £10 or less this time.

4 thoughts on “Next Auction at Badger Farm 6 April 2013”

  1. Auction room is now full of lots. Two Escaldo games for rein acting the Grand National. 400 plus lots.

  2. It’s not any warmer but the weather will not interfere with the auction. We have many bookings for tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you there. Cakes are being baked!

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