Guitars and Amplfiers – Offered for Sale 11th June 2016

On Saturday 11th June 2016 we held our first musical instrument sale at the Alresford Music Festival.  Here are the guitars and amplifiers that were offered for auction.
You can download the 11 June 2016 Musical Instrument Auction Catalogue as a PDF.

Please email [email protected] with any other questions.

  • Please click the images to see a higher resolution version.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.

Please visit the Musical Instruments page for information on our next musical instrument auction.

38 thoughts on “Guitars and Amplfiers – Offered for Sale 11th June 2016”

  1. Rockbag by Warwick electric guitar gig bag. Little used with rucksack straps, lots of pockets and padding. £20-40

  2. Strat electric guitar Squier by Fender Affinity Series 20th Anniversary edition LEFT HANDED. Made in China. Recently restrung with Roto Pinks super light. In good order bar the rust on the screws and the odd scratch and dint. £40-60

  3. Tanglewood Electric Elf EE-12 Travel or childs guitar.19″ (normally 25.5″) bridge to nut scale length. In great condition except the strings but you need to make a choice. Tunes A, D, G, C, E, A with standard strings. Can be tuned an octave higher than normal with careful string selection, Google it. £50-70

  4. Fane Hondo Series 760 Stratocaster copy from the 70-80s.
    Professionally set up – Ready to play. £75-125

  5. Kawai Electric Guitar AS-30 1960s 2 x single coil pickups.
    Professionally set up and ready to play. £65-100

  6. MARSHALL MG series 50DFX amplifier complete with power cable and FOOTSWITCH. Clean channel (gain; bass; middle; treble controls) ; Overdrive channel (gain; bass; contour; treble; volume controls) ; Digital FX controls (preset/adjust; FX level; reverb level; master volume controls). “Emulated Lineout / headphones” socket. On the back are power in; CD in; FX return; FX send; Footswitch sockets. £50-75

  7. Beautiful GIBSON Epiphone 12-string guitar. Model PR-650-12. Serial No. 9071106. Hardly played.
    Comes with soft lined case. £70-100

  8. Yamaha Pacifica 812W electric guitar. Natural wood finish. Comes with tremolo bar and strap. Restrung with new Fender strings. It plays well through the Marshall MG50 DFX amp which is also in the auction. The guitar has only one very small mark on the body. There is a light buzz on the bass E string which doesn’t come through the amp. £75-125

  9. Spanish made, three quarter size classical guitar with nylon strings. The guitar is approximately 40 years old making it nice and mellow. £30-50

  10. Liuqin – a Chinese four string mandolin in its case. More details on Wikipedia – Liuqin. Currently tuned as mandolin in G-D-A-E. The raised frets enable vibrato to be applied easily. Wonder if it could be restrung as a ukulele?

    In very good condition. Some wear on the sound board. £50-75

  11. Swift Electro-Acoustic Bass in very good condition. It’s black and shiny hence the reflections. £40-60

  12. Vintage 5 String Banjo: solid back with new strings.
    Vellum in good condition. Sounds good to go.
    Mother of pearl inlay and bone tuning knobs.
    Original case needing new straps. £80-120

  13. Kustom KGA 10FX Guitar Practice Amplifier
    10 Watt amp with lead and rhythm settings with echo effect. £15-25

  14. Carlsboro GLX-40 guitar amplifier – transistor
    Two channels selected from foot switch or panel.
    Celestion speaker and unique reverb sound.
    In good working order. £60-100

  15. Höfner 185 “Artist Bass” 1964 serial no. 2186. The serial number means it was imported by the Selmer Company of London. It has twin pickups with on/off switches. Tone and Volume controls for each pickup.

    This guitar has been restored and is in good working order. It has a new Höfner label on the head but the rest is original. The solid body does look a bit too good to be true but perhaps it has been sitting a cupboard for 50 years waiting for you! £180-250

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