Opening auction for 2017 – Saturday 4th February

Full Auction Room at Badger Farm Community Centre
Full Auction Room at Badger Farm Community Centre in 2016
Just two weeks until our first auction of 2017. Here are some of the lots that will be for sale on Saturday 4th February at Badger Farm Community Centre. You can see what sold well at previous auctions in our Auction Reports

If you are bringing lots for sale at Badger Farm, please upload photos and descriptions of the items on this page. It is not a requirement for submitting lots to the auction but it helps promote the auction in general and your lots in particular.  It is free. So please upload a good quality image and a short description using the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Please read these guidelines for descriptions and adding images of your lots. Your lot(s) have to be approved before they will become visible on this page. Please contact us if they do not appear within 24 hours.

Visitors to this page please note:

  • The auctioneers have not seen the lots which have been added as comments.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.
  • There is no guarantee they will be for sale until they are delivered on the morning of the auction.
  • This is not a catalogue.
  • We normally sell between 350 and 450 lots which all arrive on the morning of the auction.

Do not upload your items until you have discussed them by emailing [email protected].

Shell White Glass Petrol Pump Globe Light
Shell White Glass Petrol Pump Globe Light
Stuffed Red Squirrel
Stuffed Red Squirrel on a branch suitable for wall hanging

Four Rings
Sterling silver rings with gold detail, cz stones
Four Rings
A selection of sterling silver rings

Four Rings
A selection of sterling silver rings
Silver Fob Chain
Sterling silver necklace, approximately 18″ long, with T-bar decoration

Silver Salt
Small hallmarked silver pepper pot
Brass Standard Lamp
Brass Standard Lamp

15 thoughts on “Opening auction for 2017 – Saturday 4th February”

  1. Squier by Fender Stratocaster electric guitar starter pack. Red body. Strat in VG condition except 15x10mm scrape on bottom edge of red body. New strings. Includes tremolo bar. Made in China in 2000 based on serial number.
    Includes SP-10 practice amp with vol, treble, bass, overdrive and headphone socket. PAT tested July 2016. Strap and lead.

  2. Chinese Pewter Tea Caddy from the Hui Kee Foundry, Swatow, China. There are two verses on one side translated as “the north and west stretch to 3,000 miles when observing from a distance” and “”there are 800 states in the south for you to lay eyes on when checking the views in front of you”. Possibly late 1800 or early 1900.

  3. Head of Coco by Pierre Renoir.. Reproduction by Alva Studios (aka Alva Museum Replicas, Inc., New York) in 1958 of the original in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Made of Alvastone. Finished to look like bronze.

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