Guitars and Amplfiers – Offered for Sale 11th June 2016

On Saturday 11th June 2016 we held our first musical instrument sale at the Alresford Music Festival.  Here are the guitars and amplifiers that were offered for auction.
You can download the 11 June 2016 Musical Instrument Auction Catalogue as a PDF.

Please call Andrew Wilcox on 01962 738534 or 07813 211451 or email with any other questions.

  • Please click the images to see a higher resolution version.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.

Please visit the Musical Instruments page for information on our next musical instrument auction.

38 comments on “Guitars and Amplfiers – Offered for Sale 11th June 2016

  1. MARSHALL MG series 50DFX amplifier complete with power cable and FOOTSWITCH. Clean channel (gain; bass; middle; treble controls) ; Overdrive channel (gain; bass; contour; treble; volume controls) ; Digital FX controls (preset/adjust; FX level; reverb level; master volume controls). “Emulated Lineout / headphones” socket. On the back are power in; CD in; FX return; FX send; Footswitch sockets. £50-75

  2. Höfner 185 “Artist Bass” 1964 serial no. 2186. The serial number means it was imported by the Selmer Company of London. It has twin pickups with on/off switches. Tone and Volume controls for each pickup.

    This guitar has been restored and is in good working order. It has a new Höfner label on the head but the rest is original. The solid body does look a bit too good to be true but perhaps it has been sitting a cupboard for 50 years waiting for you! £180-250

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