The next auction is April 5th – Please add photos of your lots

Hopefully you will be bringing lots for sale on the 5th April.  If you wish to you may upload photos and descriptions of the items you are bringing for sale. It is not a requirement for submitting lots to the auction but it helps promote the auction in general and your lots if uploaded.

Please upload a good quality image: no greater than 1600 x 1200px or less than 300 x 225px and a short description using the comments section at the bottom of this page.

  • Insert your name, email, web site (a link to some general information about the item which does not identify the seller) and a good description of your item in the comment field.  The more information you provide the more likely people searching on the WWW are to find it. e.g. “purple vase” versus “Moocroft vase, tulip pattern, 9 inches high, made in 1928, potter: Henry James, perfect condition, no chips or firing faults”
  • Then click “Browse” and navigate to the folder which has your picture in on your PC, double click the file name or select and click “open” in Windows File Explorer or equivalent. Check the file name has been entered in the field on the left hand side of the “Browse” button.
  • You can tick either or both of the “Notify me” boxes if you wish
  • Click “Submit Comment”.
  • Your photo and description has to be approved before it is displayed on this page. Your name and email address will not be visible.

Please continue to book your table space at the auction by phoning Claire or emailing the auction. See top of page.

Visitors to this page please note:

  • The auctioneers have not seen the lots.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.
  • There is no guarantee they will be for sale until they are delivered on the morning of the auction.
  • This is not a catalogue.
  • We normally sell between 350 and 450 lots which all arrive on the day.

Auction at Badger Farm Community Centre,  Winchester, Hampshire
Auction at Badger Farm Community Centre, Winchester, Hampshire

How much space do we have at the cycle auction?

I reckon there is space for 60-100 cycles leaning against something in the garden at the Itchen Abbas Village Hall. Here are some photographs with my Raleigh Road Ace modelling a few of the available spots. Please book your cycle in by adding it to the comments on the Expected lots for our 7th June Cycle Auction page.

The Itchen Abbas Village Hall - garden panorama
The Itchen Abbas Village Hall – garden panorama
The Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Boules pitch benches
Boules Pitch Benches
Four against the benches.
Perhaps another four behind.
Behind the Boules Pitch
Behind the Boules Pitch
Eight at the back
The Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Road side hedge
Road Side Hedge
Ten along the hedge
The Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Entrance fence
The Entrance Fence
Three along the fence
Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Play Area End View
Play Area End View
Four at both ends
The Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Play Area Side View
Play Area Side View
Twelve on each side
Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Patio
Six along the patio

Auction Report – 15 March 2014 – Top Sales

402 lots were offered for sale at this Saturday’s auction. Here are the top nine lots. More pictures on Flickr.

Dublo Electric Train Set LMS
Lot 33- Dublo Electric Train Set LMS
Sold for £75
Wall Clock
Lot 100 – Wall Clock
Sold for £70

Corgi Cars Collection
Lot 43 – Corgi Cars Collection
Sold for £55
Copper Milk Churn - Umbrella Stand
Lot 55 – Copper Milk Churn – Umbrella Stand
Sold for £55

Art Deco Clock
Lot 140 – Art Deco Clock
Sold for £48
Cat Paperweights
Lot 236 – Cat Paperweights
Sold for £46

BSA Meteor Air Rifle
Lot 115 – BSA Meteor Air Rifle
Sold for £45
Box of Linen
Lot 162 – Box of Linen
Sold for £32

Wooden Writing Slope
Lot 340 – Wooden Writing Slope
Sold for 32