Cycle Auction and Jumble 20th July 2019 – Will go ahead

Cheriton Pavilion on a sunny day
Cheriton Pavilion on a sunny day

The catering is prepared. Another table has been booked today. There will be twenty to thirty bikes in the sale. I collected three more this morning: a yellow Tequila GT, a Ladies Raleigh Superbe and a Falcon Defiant. You can see the other bikes here: Cycles and Frames.

We will do our best to mitigate the rain. Note: the car parking is on hard standing. Jumble sellers will have to drive slowly across the grass to their designated selling spot. If you bringing a bike, please park in the general car park and wheel it across.

There is shelter for people in the pavilion, where you can enjoy a bacon bap or homemade cake and a cup of tea.

Looking forward to seeing you at the auction tomorrow.

Auction Dates for 2019

Belatedly here are the auction dates and a downloadable calendar for 2019.

The majority of the general auctions are at Badger Farm Community Centre. There will be three at Otterbourne Village Hall and in December we will be back at Itchen Abbas Village Hall.

Click here to download the Auction Calendar 2019 with terms and conditions as a PDF file you can save or print.

We look forward to meeting you again in 2019 and wish you all the best for the year.

All our auctions are on the first Saturday of the month.

Date Venue Town/City
2 February Badger Farm Community Centre Winchester
2 March Otterbourne Village Hall Otterbourne
6 April Badger Farm Community Centre Winchester
4 May Badger Farm Community Centre Winchester
1 June Otterbourne Village Hall Otterbourne
6 July Badger Farm Community Centre Winchester
20 July Cycle Auction – Cheriton Recreation Ground Cheriton
7 September Otterbourne Village Hall Otterbourne
5 October Badger Farm Community Centre Winchester
2 November Badger Farm Community Centre Winchester
7 December Itchen Abbas Village Hall Between Kings Worthy & New Alresford


Cycle Auction becomes Cycle Jumble on 9th June

Cycle Auction at Itchen Abbas - 6 June 2014
Cycle Auction at Itchen Abbas – 6 June 2014

After five years of cycle auctions, several things conspired against running one this June. We are pleased to say Andrew Wilcox will run a Cycle Jumble at Itchen Abbas on the 9th June.

Cycle jumbles are very popular all over the country. At Ripley north of Guildford there were perhaps 50 sellers a couple of weeks ago.

What will you find at a cycle jumble? Bikes, parts, clothing, tools, books, manuals, everything to do with bikes.

The basics are:

  • Book a table for £10 in advance or £15 on the day. Please enquire for variations on this. e.g. half a table, one bike.  Sellers set their own prices but please ask if you need help with this.
  • Turn up with the items you wish to sell at 08:00.
  • Buyers are admitted at 09:00 for £1. Advance buyers can gain entrance for £5 whilst sellers are setting up.
  • Cycle Jumble closes at 13:00.
  • The hall must be clear by 14:00.
  • There will of course be excellent home cakes and refreshments.

For more details please visit Cycle Jumble on the Alresford Mobile Cycle Repairs web site.
or the Facebook event page
or email Andrew on

Please note Auctions in a Day are not running this event. It will be run by Alresford Mobile Cycle Repairs aka Andrew Wilcox.

You may like to go on the Alresford Music Festival in the afternoon and evening.

Ripley Cycle Jumble 28 April 2018
Ripley Cycle Jumble 28 April 2018

Download catalogue for Cycle Auction 3rd June 2017

Please download the 17-06-03 Cycle Auction Catalogue for todays auction at 12:00 of at least 50 cycles and 50 other cycle related items. This may be amended on the day. At previous auctions 20-30 bikes have been delivered for sale that do not appear in the catalogue. Several bikes that will sell for more than £100 and several that won’t!

Cycle Auction Saturday 3rd June is filling up nicely

Twenty three bikes and frames, plus several parts and accessories confirmed for the cycle auction at Itchen Abbas Village Hall on Saturday 3rd June.

They include a hardly ridden Rotrax Audax gents bike, a Don Louis frame, a Dawes ladies hybrid plus several classic and modern bikes.

There are a half a dozen unconfirmed bikes including a ridden once ladies Boardman hybrid and a Curly Hetchins! Plus an unknown number that will arrive on the day bringing the total to around 50 bikes.

Do you have a bike to sell? If yes, please post an image and description on our web site now, so it can be seen by your potential buyers. The seller’s fees are as per our general auction £1 per lot and 12.% commission. Which is a bargain. You can have a reserve (no charge).

Bring your bike(s) to the auction at 08:00 and not later than 09:00 for them to be lotted up and put on display. Free tea and coffee available for sellers at this time.

Then go for some shopping or a walk. Returning for the cycle auction at noon and/or the general auction viewing at 12:30 along with a piece of homemade cake and a refreshment. The cycle auction will finish by 13:30 and you will be able to collect your cash or your unsold items then. Latest collection 5:30pm.

Full details for buyers and sellers on the Cycle Auction page

To see the items in the various sections of the auction please visit:

Cycle viewing from 10:30, admission 50p (valid for general auction as well). Cycle Auction at Noon.
General Auction viewing at 12:30. With around 400 lots selling from 2pm.

Rotrax "La Premier" Audax gents bike
Rotrax “La Premier” Audax gents bike

Dawes Mojave Ladies Hybrid bike in marron
Dawes Mojave Ladies Hybrid bike in marron

Don Louis frame drive side
Don Louis frame drive side

Ghilardi Columbus frame Fixie
Ghilardi Columbus frame Fixie

Three Auctions in June 2016

We have three auctions in June:

  1. Saturday 4th June - Cycle Auction at 12:00 Itchen Abbas Village Hall
  2. Saturday 4th June - General Auction at 14:00 Itchen Abbas Village Hall
  3. Saturday 11th June - Musical Instrument Auction in the late afternoon at the Alresford Music Festival

General Auction

Full auction room at Itchen Abbas - March 2016
Full auction room Itchen Abbas – March 2016

As ever, bring your lots for sale between 09:30 and 10:30, viewing at 12:30 and auction at 14:00. We have space for more sellers. Please book now to avoid disappointment email


Cycle Auction

Cycle Auction Bikes and Bidders 6 June 2015
Bikes and Bidders 6 June 2015

Is an early start in the garden of Itchen Abbas Village Hall. Bring your cycles and related items for sale between 08:00 and 09:00, viewing at 10:30 and auction at noon. If you selling you can promote your items now on our web site. If you are buying you can see them now.  This sale has several bikes from the 30s, 40s and 50s.

Note: Typically another 20-40 lots appear on the day without being displayed on our web site.

Please visit the Cycling Section for all the details for buyers and sellers. Please email with any questions.

Musical Instrument Auction

Höfner 185 “Artist Bass” 1964 - Restored and ready to play
Höfner 185 “Artist Bass” 1964 – Restored and ready to play

A new collaboration with the Alresford Music Festival which has 3,000 attendees. We will be erecting a 9m by 6m marquee at the festival. The plan is that sellers promote their instruments on our web site now, deliver them on their way into the festival, viewing during the afternoon and an auction in the late afternoon/early evening.

To see the instruments for sale so far and all the details for buyers and sellers please visit the Musical Instruments Auction page.

If you not able to attend the festival but want to sell an instrument or leave a bid on something you can see on the web site, please email

Two special auctions in June – Cycles and Musical Instruments

In addition to our general auction on June 4th at Itchen Abbas, we will be running two specialist auctions.

Cycle Auction
Saturday 4th June – Itchen Abbas Village Hall

Raleigh Dawn Safety Tourist or possibly Superbe Ladies Bike - believed to be from WWII
Raleigh Dawn Safety Tourist or possibly Superbe Ladies Bike – believed to be from WWII

Our fifth cycle auction takes place before the general auction in the garden. Cycles and related items are delivered at 8am, Viewing is from 10:30 and the auction is at noon.

Do you have any cycles to sell? Do you know anyone who has a cycle they should sell?  Now is the time to give them a clean, take a photo and post them on the appropriate page of our web site to attract buyers to the auction. The list is in the Cycles menu on our web site. There have been nearly a 1,000 visitors to our Cycling page in the last 90 days.  They want to see what you have to sell.

Buyers can expect 100-150 lots on the day. In the past they have ranged from early 1900s bikes, all the way to modern bikes which have never been used! We have sold respected small volume English frame makers, good bikes from Raleigh, Dawes, Claud Butler and modern American and Continental makers.  Check out the Cycling Archives to see what has been sold previously.

Normal charges: £1 per lot submitted for sale, 12.5% commission for buyers and sellers and 50p to view/bid.


Musical Instrument Auction
Saturday 11th June – Alresford Music Festival

Höfner 185 “Artist Bass” 1964 - Restored and ready to play
Höfner 185 “Artist Bass” 1964 – Restored and ready to play

Yes, inside the festival at Arlebury Park. With 3,000 people attending the festival and a significant percentage of them who play musical instruments, we think they will want to sell some and buy some.

We are putting up a large marquee for the day.  We will be receiving instruments in the morning and lotting them up. Viewing at lunchtime and the early afternoon.  The auction will be in sections (guitars, woodwind, brass etc.) in the late afternoon and early evening.

If you have or know someone who has a musical instrument to sell, please upload photos and descriptions to the Musical Instrument section pages on our site now, to attract buyers.  The auction will be promoted on the Alresford Music Festival web site and in their email shots to a few thousand people.

Charges: £2 per lot submitted for sale and 12.5% commission for buyers and sellers. No charge for viewing/bidding.

To attend the auction, you will need to go to the festival. Buy your tickets for the Alresford Music Festival here.

Please look at the advice for those unable to attend as buyers or sellers on the Musical Instruments web page. We will do our best to get your instrument in the auction and accept your commission bids.

Lots more details plus photos and descriptions of the first musical instruments to be posted on the Musical Instruments web page.


If you need any information about these auctions, please email

How much space do we have at the cycle auction?

I reckon there is space for 60-100 cycles leaning against something in the garden at the Itchen Abbas Village Hall. Here are some photographs with my Raleigh Road Ace modelling a few of the available spots. Please book your cycle in by adding it to the comments on the Expected lots for our 7th June Cycle Auction page.

The Itchen Abbas Village Hall - garden panorama
The Itchen Abbas Village Hall – garden panorama
The Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Boules pitch benches
Boules Pitch Benches
Four against the benches.
Perhaps another four behind.
Behind the Boules Pitch
Behind the Boules Pitch
Eight at the back
The Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Road side hedge
Road Side Hedge
Ten along the hedge
The Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Entrance fence
The Entrance Fence
Three along the fence
Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Play Area End View
Play Area End View
Four at both ends
The Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Play Area Side View
Play Area Side View
Twelve on each side
Itchen Abbas Village Hall - Patio
Six along the patio