Musical instruments for sale: Hohner Melodeon, Bodhran, Hofner 60s bass guitar, Mandolin, Clarinet: Reso-Tone
Musical instruments for sale last year: Hohner Melodeon, Bodhran, Hofner 60s bass guitar, Mandolin, Clarinet: Reso-Tone

On Saturday 10th June 2016 we are holding our second specialist musical instrument auction at the Alresford Music Festival. You can find more details on our Musical Instrument Auction page. We are promoting it well in advance to give buyers and sellers the best opportunity to see and sell their instruments and related items.

It is a requirement for submitting lots to this auction that the sellers upload descriptions and photographs to the web site.  It’s a simple and free process.

Lots have to be delivered on the morning of the auction and removed if unsold in the afternoon unless you have reached a prior arrangement with us. Again please see the detailed terms and conditions on the Musical Instrument Auction page.

We will NOT be accepting pianos: grand, baby or upright; Hammond organs or any other large and heavy instrument for sale from the marquee. However we are willing to sell them with photographs and honest descriptions. Please call to discuss.

Please email [email protected] with any other questions.



  • Please click the images to see a higher resolution version.
  • The auctioneers may not have seen the lots.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.
  • You can leave absentee bids for any item. Read the Guideline for Absentee or Commission Bids then click the link beside each item.
  • There is no guarantee they will be for sale until they are delivered on the morning of the auction.
  • A catalogue may be available prior to the auction on the Musical Instrument Auction page.

Please scroll down to see the pianos, organs, harpsichords, keyboards, synthesisers, accordions, melodeons, concertinas, etc. that have been posted for sale at the auction

6 thoughts on “Keyboards”

  1. Bandmaster Piano Accordion in marbled red. 26 keys – two octaves, 6 bass and 6 chord buttons. In original case. Leather straps and body in good order. Recently cleaned inside and keys adjusted. Plays well. Made in East Germany £80-120

    • Four shots of the inside of the Bandmaster accordion. Clean, reeds, flap valves and pads in good condition.

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