Keyboard Instruments – Offered for Sale 11th June 2016

On Saturday 11th June 2016 we held our first musical instrument sale at the Alresford Music Festival.  Here are the Keyboard Instruments that were offered for auction.
You can download the 11 June 2016 Musical Instrument Auction Catalogue as a PDF.

Please email [email protected] with any other questions.

  • Please click the images to see a higher resolution version.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.

Please visit the Musical Instruments page for information on our next musical instrument auction.

13 thoughts on “Keyboard Instruments – Offered for Sale 11th June 2016”

  1. Hohner Tango III Accordion – 3 octave keyboard – two voices – 120 bass buttons. With case. In good condition with some attention needed to a few flap valves. £40-60

    • I have the same model tango III circa 1936 in need of attention, I heard this model was sold in a recent auction for over £500 and required a lot of attention in repair work, so i am a little confused that the one mentioned here is between £40.00 and £60.00

  2. Yamaha PSR-16 Keyboard – 4 octave keyboard, 30 voices, 16 rhythms, bass chords and a Digital Synthesiser! No case and needs 9-12 volt power supply or batteries. In working order. £10-15

  3. Yamaha Portasound Keyboard. 3 1/2 octave keyboard, 9 voices, 4 rhythms, bass chords. The volume controls need a bit of TLC but it works. In case but needs 9-12 volt power supply or batteries. £5-15

  4. Yamaha Keyboard Portasound PS-400 in case with manual. 10 voices, 10 rhythms and bass chords. Needs 9-12V power supply or batteries. In good working order. £15-30

  5. Hohner Melodica Soprano – 2 octave keyboard with C in the middle. In good working order. Bit of nibbling on the mouthpiece. Case needs repairing. £10-20

  6. Farfisa – Made in Italy – Pianorgan III. 2 1/2 octave keyboard with 60 bass/chord buttons (many duplicates). Single reeds with volume modulated by folding out knee lever (it would normally sit on screw in legs) which controls the mains powered fan. In good working order. It’s a effectively a table top accordion. £20-40

    • Details of the bass/chord buttons. The black cover above presents a simple set of buttons to the player. (The mark bottom left has just been rubbed off 🙂 )

  7. Bandmaster Piano Accordion in marbled red. 26 keys – two octaves, 6 bass and 6 chord buttons. In original case. Leather straps and body in good order. Recently cleaned inside and keys adjusted. Plays well. Made in East Germany £80-120

    • Four shots of the inside of the Bandmaster accordion. Clean, reeds, flap valves and pads in good condition.

  8. Hohner 1 Row Pokerwork Melodeon in G.
    Single 10 button row with 2 bass and 2 chord buttons.
    Overhauled with new lock straps, thumb strap and a few leather flap valves. Bellows in excellent condition. Cleaned and ready to play. £100-150

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