The 10th Anniversary Auction – 7th Sept 2013 – Itchen Abbas

The summer break is over. We are back for our 10th anniversary auction.  Were you there, upstairs in the Alresford Community Centre in 2003?  I was wandering up West Street vaguely aware my brother in law’s friend and occasionally fellow cricketer John, Clare and their friends were running an auction.  The queue to get into … Read more

Review of the Auction at Badger Farm 8th June 2013

The New Room Layout at Badger Farm Another bumper auction.  Nearly 300 lots were sold. We had a surprise with lot 110, a collection drawing instruments and a beret sold for £400. The photo below does not reveal the WWII Paratrooper’s cap badge on the other side of the Red Beret. Secondly we changed the … Read more

Review of the Auction at Winchester 6 April 2013

Another busy auction at Badger Farm Community Centre. We had 365 lots to sell.  Giving us time to sell the items at about 120 lots per hour.  The result was a higher percentage of sold items and the average value went up as well.  This benefited our sellers, who are the principal clients of the … Read more