Next auction – May 3rd – Please add photos of your lots

We get several hundred visitors to this page prior to the auction. If you are bringing lots for sale on Saturday 3rd May, please upload photos and descriptions of the items on this page. It is not a requirement for submitting lots to the auction but it helps promote the auction in general and your lots in particular.

Its free to upload a good quality image and a short description using the comments section at the bottom of this page.
Please read these guidelines for descriptions and adding images of your lots. Your lot(s) have to be approved before they will become visible on this page. Please contact us if they do not appear within 24 hours.

Please continue to book your table space at the auction by phoning Claire or emailing the auction. See top of page.

Please note will already have many bookings for this auction. If you will be bringing items to sell, please contact Claire on 01962 734941

Visitors to this page please note:

  • The auctioneers have not seen the lots.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.
  • There is no guarantee they will be for sale until they are delivered on the morning of the auction.
  • This is not a catalogue.
  • We normally sell between 350 and 450 lots which all arrive on the day.

70 comments on “Next auction – May 3rd – Please add photos of your lots

  1. The following items are expected to be photographed and posted in the next few days:

    – Decorated Chinese or Japanese vase approx. 18″ high
    – Rectangular mahogany drop leaf table with under the drops support no extra legs. Approx 4ft x 6ft
    – Collection of glassware, metalware
    – 6 x hardwood chairs
    – Oak bureau
    – Pine Trunk approx. 4ft x 2ft x 2ft
    – Post war home made pine and plywood trunk. 3ft x 1ft x 1ft
    – 4 x country chairs
    – Well finished side table
    – Postwar cupboard and drawers
    – Mirrors, Multi-band valve radio, standard lamp
    – Half Sovereign
    – Occasional tables
    – Ross telescope
    – Brass ware, pocket watches, Brass clock, Railway Regulator Clock, plates, Grimleys Ming set.

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