Next auction – September 6th – Please add photos of your lots

We get hundreds of visitors to this page prior to the auction. If you are bringing lots for sale on Saturday 6th September, please upload photos and descriptions of the items on this page. It is not a requirement for submitting lots to the auction but it helps promote the auction in general and your lots in particular.  It is free to upload a good quality image and a short description using the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Please read these guidelines for descriptions and adding images of your lots. Your lot(s) have to be approved before they will become visible on this page. Please contact us if they do not appear within 24 hours.

Please continue to book your table space at the auction by phoning Claire or emailing the auction. See top of page.

Visitors to this page please note:

  • The auctioneers have not seen the lots.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.
  • There is no guarantee they will be for sale until they are delivered on the morning of the auction.
  • This is not a catalogue.
  • We normally sell between 350 and 450 lots which all arrive on the day.

35 thoughts on “Next auction – September 6th – Please add photos of your lots”

  1. Clear-out of 40+ (mainly) Ordnance Survey maps. The photo shows a sample, mostly modern 1:50,000 scale, various locations in England, a few Wales and Europe, a few older 1″ examples, both re-prints and actual. Photo shows a sample.

  2. Cigarette Cards: Rugby Caricatures by RIP 1926: I like WW Wakefield, WJA Davies, LJ Corbett, L Gracie. Issued by Player’s Cigarettes.
    In a glazed oak frame. 25 cards

  3. Cigarette Cards: The Royal Navy in Action pre World War II. Includes: Bridge of HMS Warspite, Fairey Swordfish being man handled into position, Hawker Nimrod landing on flight deck, Catapulting a Submarine Walrus Amphibian. Issued by Will’s Cigarettes late 1930s. 25 cards.

  4. Flags and Arms of the World – Albania to Italy including Third Reich Swaztika flag and arms for Germany. Issued by Players Cigarettes in late 1930s. 25 cards

  5. Cigarette Cards: British and Colonial Naval Flags from the 1930s issued by Will’s Cigarettes.

    Kenya Colony, Cyprus, Barbados, Union of South Africa, “Sabah Jack” British in Borneo, The White Ensign, Govr of Northern Ireland, Commonwealth of Australia, The Royal Air Force. 9 cards.

  6. Cigarette cards: RAF Badges issued by John Player & Sons in 1937. Series of 50 mounted with an unglazed wood frame.

    • RAF Badges issued by John Player & Sons in 1937. series of 50 cards. Top L to R No 1 Fighter Sqdn, descendant of No 1 Airship Company RE formed May 1912. No 2 (Army Co-Operation) Sqdn formed May 1912. No 4 (Army Co-operation) Sqdn formed Sept 1912. No 9 (Bomber) Sqdn formed from HQ Wireless Unit RFC in France Dec 1914. No 11 (Bomber) Sqdn formed Feb 1915. No 12 (Bomber) Sqdn formed Feb 1915. No 13 (Army Co-operation) Sqdn formed Jan 1915. No 14 (Bomber) Sqdn formed Feb 1915. No 15 (Bomber) Sqdn formed Mar 1915. No 16 (Army Co-operation) Sqdn formed Feb 1915 from dets of 2,5 & 6 Sqdns. No 17 (Fighter) Sqdn Feb 1915. No 18 (Bomber) Sqdn formed May 1915. No 19 (Fighter) Sqdn formed Sept 1915. No 20 (Army Co-operation) Sqdn formed Sept 1915. No 22 (Torpedo Bomber) Sqdn formed Sept 1915. No 23 (Fighter) Sqdn formed Sept 1915. No 24 (Communications) Sqdn formed Sept 1915. No 25(Fighter) Sqdn formed Sept 1915. No 26 (Army Co-operation) Sqdn formed Oct 1915, from a unit of S African FC. No 27 (Bomber) Sqdn formed Nov 1915. No 28 (Army Co-operation) Sqdn formed Nov 1915. No 31 (Army Co-operation) Sqdn formed by flights between Oct 1915 & May 1916. No 32 (Fighter) Sqdn formed Jan 1916. No 33 (Bomber) Sqdn formed early 1916. No 35 (Bomber) Sqdn formed Feb 1916. No 38 (Bomber) Sqdn formed July 1916. No 39 (Bomber) Sodn formed April 15th, 1916. No 40 (Bomber) Sqdn formed Feb 1916. No 41 (Fighter) Sadn formed July 1916. No 43 (Fighter) Sqdn formed April 1916. No 45 (Bomber) Sqdn formed March 1916. No 54 (Fighter) Sqdn formed May 1916. No 55 (Bomber) Sqdn formed April 1916. No 56 (Fighter) Sqdn formed June 1916. No 57 (Bomber) Sqdn formed June 1916. No 64 (Fighter) Sqdn formed Aug 1916. No 65 (Fighter) Sqdn formed Aug 1916. No 66 (Fighter) Sqdn formed June 1916. No 70 (Bomber Transport) Sqdn formed April 1916. No 74 (Fighter) Sqdn formed July 1917. No 84 (Bomber) Sqdn formed Jan 1917. No 104 (Bomber) Sqdn formed Sept 1917. No 111 (Fighter) Sqdn formed Aug 1917. No 151 (Fighter) Sqdn formed May 1918. No 201 (General Reconnaissance) (Late Flying Boat) Sqdn, originally Nol Sqdn R.N.A.S. in Oct 1914, then 201 on formation of RAF Aptil 1918. ’71: No 203 (General Reconnaissance) (Late Flying Boat) Sqdn originally No 3 Sqdn R.N.A.S. which was formed 1911. No 207 (Bomber) Sqdn formed as No 7 R.N.A.S. Nov 1916 and was first unit to be used solely for long range night bombing. No 216 (Bomber Transport) Sqdn, originally Naval “A” Sqdn and No 16 Sqft and renumbered as 216 April 1918. No 230 (General Reconnaissance) (Late Flying Boat) Sqdn, formed Autumn 1918 from Anti Submarine unit at Felixstowe. No 269 (General Reconnaissance) Sqdn originally the Seaplane Unit Royal Naval Air Service, Port Said Jan 1916. in Summer 1918 redesignated 269.

  7. Finger Football – The Nipper
    Made under the supervision of the inventor Albert S. Iles Tyburn Road, Birmingham, England some time ago!
    Each player has three keys to operate their flaps and knock the ball into the opponents goal.
    Missing the original ball but ping pong and squash balls work. Needs netting over the top as well.

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