Cycles and Frames – Offered for Sale 4th June 2016

On Saturday 4th June 2016 we held our fifth specialist cycling section.  Here are the bikes and frames that were offered for sale.

Please email [email protected] with any other questions.

  • Please click the images to see a higher resolution version.
  • The descriptions and photos are provided by the sellers.

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40 thoughts on “Cycles and Frames – Offered for Sale 4th June 2016”

  1. Apollo single speed folding bike in dark blue
    Excellent condition with rear rack
    Fully serviced

  2. Trek 7.5 Hybrid Ladies bike [2012]
    Hardly used – virtually as new
    13 ins frame – very light Carbon fork
    20 gears, Shimano trigger shifters
    Full mud-guards added

  3. Specialised Hardrock Sport MTB, L, 2007. RST forks , Hayes disc brakes. Done many miles so average signs of age but plenty more miles/years in it still. Original instructions. No mechanical faults, recently changed braked fluid as lost left side master cylinder plug, new plug fitted and spare plugs supplied.

  4. Specialized Dolce Womens\Child Road Bike. Aluminium Frame 54 cm. Carbon ‘FACT’ Front forks. 8 speed

  5. Blue Rudge Gentlemans Roadster. Sturmey Archer hub marked 48 10 i.e. October 1948. Sprung saddle in good condition. Stainless spokes on rear wheel, saddle bag support. In need of TLC.

  6. Triumph Ladies Roadster Maroon. Single speed, rod brakes, Lychett saddle. Raleigh cranks and logo on seat tube. Post 1956 when Raleigh acquired BSA, who had bought the Triumph Cycle Company in 1951. Missing chain is on its way. In working order: Good bearings: Bottom bracket and headset – cleaned, balls replaced and greased. Tyres pump up and don’t leak. Some paintwork and chrome has corroded but it’s mechanically sound.

  7. 1991 Dawes Ultra, with new tyres and tubes otherwise entirely original. 23″ frame size. Reynolds 500 frame with Shimano Sis 12 speed gears.

  8. c1930s Gents Triumph. Rod brakes, extended mudguards, chain guard, sprung (probably) Dunlop saddle, pannier rack, 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub with quadragnt lever.

  9. Rag and bone man’s (tradesman’s) bike. Rod brakes, Dunlop saddle, small front wheel with rack above.

  10. Vintage British Ladies bike frame size 53cm 21″. No makers name.
    Serial no.1C325 on the chain stay.
    Fitted with rod brakes and Brooks sprung saddle (needs new leather top).
    Williams cranks and chain ring. One crank has been repaired.
    Probably from the 1930s based on the K series Sturmey Archer hub.

    • Sturmey Archer K series hub marked K6. Probably early 30s. No gear changer, cable or gear changing rod in the hub. Effective as single speed freewheel hub.

  11. French road bike. 55cm 21.5″ frame in good condition.
    Huret rear derailleur and 5 speed freewheel, alloy stem, chromed steel bars, Wienmann dual brake levers. New brake and gear lever cables. New headset ball bearings and grease. Rims and tyres needs replacing.

    • Lyotard alloy pedal. Cottered Solida cranks with a new bottom bracket axle and ball bearings. Unusual Simplex front derailleur with sprung rod.

  12. Hero Jet Single Speed Gents Cycle – Made in India. Sturdy rear rack with foot rest on non-drive side. Rod brakes. 700 x 35mm tyres. Spiralled spokes. Seat cover needs refixing to seat frame. In working order.

  13. Raleigh Dawn Safety Tourist or possibly Superbe Ladies Bike. No dates on either Sturmey Archer 3 speed or Dynohub which indicates it is a World War II bike. This is the only period Sturmey Archer did not date stamp their hubs. The mudguards have blackout white paint on them and the headlamp has a black shell (normally chrome).
    It has serial numbers on the bottom bracket 386980Z and on the seat tube 8116J but I can’t relate those to Raleigh serial numbers I have found on the web.
    Tyres Michelin Roadsters – Made in England – Recent manufacture and no leaks.
    Terry Sprung Seat Saddle
    Supplied by Winchester Bicycle and Motorcycle. Jewry Street.

    • Apart from the Sturmey Archer gear shifter (originally a quadrant shifter on the downtube), handlebar grips and tyres, everything seems to be original.

  14. Vindec Atlantic made by Brown Brothers, London in excellent condition.
    20″ frame. Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub and Dynohub both dated 1974.
    The Bluemels lightweight mudguards should be fixed by the auction.
    The 26″ wheels are in particularly good condition.
    Not much info about Vindec / Brothers on the web. They stopped manufacturing in 1989 their centenary but they must have made quite a few bikes based on this serial no. 65794

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